Khosh Delan

Mirza Hossein Musharraf Esfahani was a poet of the Safavid period who had a sense of humor and worked in the Safavid court for some time as a steward of court affairs and a steward of the court stables. Musharraf decides to write Diwan poems in five volumes, imitating Khamsa Nizami. Only these poems had a special feature. The show is based on this historical documentary and the appreciation that is given to the poet.

Director: Parizad Seif
Playwright: Saeed Poursamimi
Actors: Saeed Poursamimi, Masoud Keramati, Bahram Ebrahimi, Elham Pavenezhad, Parizad Seif, Reza Molaei, Behrouz Pourbarji, Shahin Alaei Nejad, Ali Pouya Ghasemi, Shahab Abassian, Hamed Mehdi Nejad, Reza Feyzbakhsh, Maryam Mohebi

Iran – Tehran | Iranshahr Complex | 2023 | Khosh Delan-Tiwall

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