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Kiarash Mosayebi

Born and raised in the city of Tehran, having earned an advanced degree in Art and Photography from an educational instituted by 2010 didn’t stop Kiarash from going further with his dreams. Kiarash originally studied to become a musician following his older brother’s tradition but his passion for theater lead him to photography in which he creates stage sets and employs numerous props, painted backdrops and dramatic lighting to capture the best shot. All of his photographic series fuse the language of photography with the language of painting and rely on an expressive use of color.

Working in discrete series, the subject matter of his photographs over the last 10 years have ranged from Iranian culture, to a revision of the “vanitas” still life tradition, to a fusion of natural history and environmental issues in the Theater of Insects portfolio. The compelling issue, that has driven his work, is the interface between nature and urban technological culture. With an ironic and quirky point of view, he juxtaposes organic and handmade elements to reflect the issue of environmental degradation in an imaginative manner.

Since 2013 Kiarash’s photographs have been exhibited in Iran and has gained international attention. Between 2013 and 2023 Kiarash received numerous awards that have had a huge impact on his career.

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Tehran, Iran

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